This holiday season, many of your employees will be boarding planes, trains and automobiles en route to their favorite winter getaways. And they’ll be taking your enterprise with them, too, on the mobile endpoints they own.

Unfortunately, not every mobile device will make the trip back home. Some will be lost, some stolen. Others may require repair at local stores, leaving unprotected accounts vulnerable to access by criminals.

In light of these risks, will your enterprise survive the holidays without a major data breach?

Of course, it’s too late to protect your enterprise now. But as soon as business resumes in your organization, make it a point to ensure that all of your mobile endpoints are safe from intruders.

First and foremost, make it a company policy that employees are required to use multifactor, device-level security measures. Inform all your workers that they are required to be vigilant about device theft and unauthorized account access to keep the corporation’s digital information safe and secure.

Then, consider going a step further by investing in a mobile anti-fraud solution such as voice biometric identity verification, which will identify an end user by his or her unique voiceprint. This solution is simple and easy to use and can ensure that all of your mobile applications are well-protected at all times.

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