Right now you’re looking ahead to the new year, and are trying to figure out how you want to allocate your IT budget. Should you invest in the Internet of Things? Power over Ethernet? More data storage?

All of these solutions are great things to consider. But if you’re overlooking mobile security, then it’s time to add this critical need to your list of action items.

Why focus on improving mobile security in your enterprise? According to CyberEdge, mobile is now one of security’s “weakest links” in the enterprise, on par with social media applications and laptops/notebooks as a major vulnerability. Last year, for instance, there was a 59 percent rise in mobile device threats. What’s more, 5.2 million smartphones were lost or stolen last year, which is dreadful when considering how many contained sensitive corproate information yet lacked appropriate security safeguards.

With these figures in mind, it’s time to get serious about cracking down on mobile security. And voice biometric identity verification is an affordable, convenient and effective solution that can help with this initiative.

By investing in a voice biometric identity verification solution, you can allow employees to safeguard their mobile devices by simply speaking a phrase into their microphone when logging in. The voice biometrics engine will scan an end user’s voiceprint for a variety of factors, and  grant access based on whether or not his or her unique voiceprint is an exact match. It can also be used in conjunction with additional security methods like passwords for additional protection.

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