After centuries of use, passwords are now being left behind as the majority of the technology industry is moving full steam ahead with alternate authentication solutions like voice biometric identity verification and personal identification numbers.

In order to successfully migrate away from passwords, however, it’s critical that authentication devices can seamlessly integrate and communicate with one another. A voice recognition engine, for instance, needs to be able to be able to connect directly with a website or cloud application in order to operate optimally.

The Fast Identity Online Alliance (FIDO) is a nonprofit consortium formed in 2012 that is working to establish open and scalable standards for authentication systems. As a member, VoiceVault is working in cooperation with a long list of industry heavyweights to ensure its software solutions align with the organization’s expected standards.

Here are two interesting updates from FIDO that have been in the news recently:

Windows 10 to support FIDO: Microsoft recently announced its commitment to retire passwords by supporting FIDO 2.0 specifications in its newest software version, Windows 10. Moving forward, Microsoft end users will be able to log into PCs and accompanying software using biometric technologies. The decision to abide by FIDO standards is a big step forward when considering Microsoft’s position as a major technology leader.

FIDO takes part in President Obama’s cybersecurity summit: FIDO took part in a high-profile Silicon Valley cybersecurity summit on Feb. 13, hosted by President Obama. FIDO Alliance member companies were invited to speak about the need to replace passwords with advanced standards. Check out FIDO Vice President Ramesh Kesanupalli’s recap of the event here.

You can learn more about how VoiceVault is doing its part to set the standard for mobile identity verification by clicking here.


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