This week news broke about a major data breach at Deloitte, one of the world’s Big Four accounting firms.

Sources indicate that hackers were able to break into a company email server, where they were able to obtain at least five million of its clients’ records. The stolen information is believed to have included emails, business plans, sensitive documents, workers’ healthcare records and IP addresses.

Experts think the breach started back in October of 2016, and wasn’t discovered until March of this year. Deloitte has been aware of the situation, and has been actively investigating the matter over the last several months.

What’s interesting is how hackers were able to get into the network. According to Engadget, the breach originated from an administrator’s account that was protected only with a password. The account had no two-step, or multifactor, authentication.

If the account had been protected with two-step verification, like a voice, fingerprint or iris scanner, or even security questions or a personal identification number (PIN), it’s possible that the hacker would have been blocked from getting inside. The individual may have simply given up, finding it too difficult to enter the network, and moved on — sparing Deloitte of a security incident.

Now is therefore a good time to reflect on your own company’s digital security technologies. Does your business have the necessary protections in place to prevent hackers from breaking into personal accounts?

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