Right now, cybersecurity is getting a lot of attention as a top business concern. But there’s one issue that’s equally deserving of attention, as it’s not going away any time soon: customer spoofing.

In 2015, for instance, there was a dramatic uptick in customer spoofing attempts to 13 percent, from 2 percent in 2014. Fraudsters are becoming increasingly cunning, and many businesses are struggling to prevent attacks.

A common form of fraud in use today is customer spoofing. When spoofing a legitimate customer, a fraudster will attempt to use the customer’s login credentials—such as a password, picture or voice recording—to gain access to a particular account.

As you can imagine, it’s very difficult to spot a customer spoofing attack when using standard security protocols like passwords and PINS. A password is just a password, in other words, meaning that if an interloper gains access to it, he could easily use it to gain entry into an account.

So, better protection is needed to prevent customer spoofing, such as is provided by voice biometric identity verification. While a fraudster may somehow gain access to a recording of a customer authenticating, VoiceVault’s solutions can easily detect replay attacks, as well as audio recorded audio that has been manipulated.

Make 2016 the year you think about your business’s current fraud protection technology and look for new ways of securing your enterprise. Click here to learn how voice biometrics can help!

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