Financial institutions across the U.S. are struggling to overcome the challenges of fraud, identity theft and security breaches. No longer can they rely on outdated security methods of the past like passwords and PINs. It’s time to recognize that protecting customers in the financial industry today will require the widespread adoption of cutting-edge next-generation technology. That technology is voice biometric identity verification software.

A new partnership between VoiceVault, a leading provider of mobile voice biometric solutions for the financial industry, and Enacomm, a global producer of intelligent customer interactions technology, is now making it easier than ever for businesses to adopt this kind of forward-thinking solution. Moving forward, the Enacomm authentication application will use VoiceVault’s special voice biometric engine to help facilitate the verification of customer identities over the phone.

Besides providing financial institutions with the technology to ensure fast, secure transactions, this partnership will also eliminate the need for customers to remember any security credentials during the authentication process. Customers will no longer have to write down passwords they might otherwise forget, eliminating the risk that they might be lost or stolen.

One early adopter of the new partnership between VoiceVault and Enacomm is a leading prepaid card provider. The prepaid card provider is currently in the process of implementing the new voice biometric application into the framework of its caller verification solution. Customers will be able to confirm their identity by phone–with greater accuracy than a fingerprint.

Want to take a demo of the new Enacomm Voice Authentication platform? Here’s how to get started: First, call the Enacomm demo line at 855-277-3060. Follow the prompts, using any four numbers to establish your personal PIN number. Then, call back and authenticate yourself to see the security solution in action.