Voice biometric solutions for mobile, on-device and telephony applications

Enterprise grade voice biometrics.
99.9% success rate in production deployments.
Million+ voices enrolled and actively verifying.
40+ countries with users represented.
Billions secured in mobile app money transfers.
Proven in benchmark testing of 10M calls to detect 99.98% of replay attacks.

Verint VoiceVault’s solutions focus on ease of use along with convenience for customers and end-users while providing unparalleled levels of security. Solutions are developed and delivered through partners or direct to client organizations. Verint VoiceVault’s technology is proprietary and is 100% in-house developed.

Verint VoiceVault solutions use the unique characteristics of a person’s voice for biometric identity verification on phones; in mobile apps; and on-device for tablets and computers. They use the fact that speaking is convenient and natural and that no two voices are exactly the same.

Biometric voice-based solutions enable business processes to enhance multifactor authentication with something you are – the sound of your voice.

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