Recently, Speech Technology Magazine released its list of companies who are key influencers in the speech industry. And VoiceVault, a leading provider of voice biometric identity verification, was named as a Star Performer.

VoiceVault was bestowed the Star Performer award for its ability to improve company performance as well as the end user experience. In receiving the award, it joins an exclusive list of recipients including Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google, as well as 10 other companies who are working to make speech a mainstream technology.

One of the biggest reasons VoiceVault was named as a Star Performer is the success of its recently-released ViGo platform, the first biometric platform developed for use with a mobile application.

As the number of mobile threats increases across the Web, and sales for mobile devices increase, the voice recognition market is thriving. In fact, it will reach an estimated $113.2 billion by 2017. And VoiceVault is leading the pack of innovators in this field.

“Organizations want to use voice biometrics in their mobile apps to deliver secure convenience, and they want to be able to integrate it in the simplest and quickest way possible,” explained VoiceVault VP of Sales and Marketing Julia Webb. “ViGo is responding to this need by providing a standardized out-of-the box solution that cuts time to market and [fulfills] organizational resource needs with a complete voice biometrics package.”

The 2014 Speech Industry Awards will be presented as part of the opening reception for the SpeechTEK conference, August 18 in New York City. In addition to receiving the award, VoiceVault will be presenting a general session during the three-day event as well. On Tuesday, August 19, VoiceVault’s Julia Webb will deliver a presentation titled “Voice Biometrics: 3 Production-Mobile App Deployments,” which will showcase the stories of three new voice biometric applications being used in the healthcare and financial industries. The presentation will talk about their journey from qualification, through launch and into the global market.


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