Now that word is spreading about the benefits of voice biometric identity verification and the mainstream usage of the technology is rapidly accelerating, a growing number of executive decision makers want to know: What is the best way to integrate the technology across the enterprise?

Here at VoiceVault, we’re asked this question a lot and our response is that voice biometric solutions are best used as part of a multifactor authentication strategy due to their ability to supplement existing security technologies like passwords, PINS and other biometrics solutions (i.e. facial recognition software and fingerprint scanners). Most enterprises experience the best results when incorporating the technology slowly, a few users at a time. By using this type of strategy, end users can migrate to voice biometrics at their own pace rather than having to abruptly switch.

If you’re looking for real world examples of how business leaders are incorporating voice biometrics into to their enterprises, join VoiceVault at Opus Research’s upcoming VBC New York 2015 Conference, May 4 to 5 at W New York Union Square. This premier conference will bring together a variety of business leaders and security professionals, with the intention of sharing use cases, as well as tips and tricks for maximizing returns from voice biometrics solutions in mobile and enterprise settings.

Attendees at VBC New York 2015 should be sure to join VoiceVault’s VP of Sales and Marketing Julia Webb on May 4 at 3:45 p.m, for a panel discussion with solution provider executives. The panel will discuss the advantages of multifactor authentication as well as critical authentication factors to pay attention to.

Click here to register for the event today. We hope to see you in New York City!


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