In home healthcare, there’s no such thing as a bottomless budget, as every penny counts in this industry plagued with large-scale problems and inefficiencies. Nevertheless, budgets are often compromised and thrown out of balance due to fraud. According to the FBI, healthcare fraud costs about $80 billion annually.

This is due in large part to the fact that healthcare fraud is tough to catch. A typical agency might send hundreds of workers into patient homes throughout the day with little way of verifying whether visits actually take place. It’s easy for workers to forge patient signatures or commit phone fraud and falsely claim compensation for performed services.

Dial-N-Document is a clinical documentation provider that decided to take this problem head on when it realized how much its healthcare provider clients were being negatively affected by fraud. The company realized its clients needed a reliable way to authenticate healthcare workers’ home visits, so it installed VoiceVault’s voice biometric identity verification solution into its phone-based system.

Instead of using personal identification numbers, workers now use voiceprints to verify the start and end of care. Patients, for that matter, can use voice recognition software to give consent for services and provide additional verification about services they receive.

As Dial-N-Document President Donald O’Rourke recently explained, the company’s healthcare clients love the idea of using voice biometrics. “Their eyes light up when we tell them there is a way to verify workers are in the home, and it’s cost-effective,” said O’Rourke. “They appreciate things like keeping their employees honest and getting patient voice signatures right at the time of a visit. … These are things that give us a definite competitive advantage.”

Click here to read the case study and get the full story of how Dial-N-Document uses VoiceVault to combat healthcare fraud and save its clients money.


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