You’re 10 minutes into a phone call with a customer who is on the verge of signing up for your company’s services … when wham (pump the brakes!), the usual roadblock arises: the authentication process.

For many companies, this is where an easy 10-minute phone call turns into a prolonged waiting period of several weeks or more. First, consent forms must be mailed to (and received by) the customer. Then, the customer must actually sign the documents and send them back to the right office. Oftentimes, forms must be resent and additional phone calls must be made before the process can continue and services can begin.

Further, once the paper is returned, it must be filed and looked after, which drives up the cost of paper management considerably. In fact, according to Thomson Reuters, a firm with 500 clients can actually spend more than $28,000 per year managing paper. This also invites a significant amount of risk into the process as documents can be easily lost, stolen or compromised.

Here’s an easier, safer and more affordable way that you can collect customer or patient consent forms: Invest in a voice e-signature solution. As explained in the below video from VoiceVault, a leading provider of enterprise and mobile voice authentication solutions, and Enacomm, voice e-signatures are recognized as legally binding signatures by the American Bar Association, as well as per the parameters of the U.S. E-Signature Act, HIPAA/CMS and FDA 21 CFR 11 regulations for electronic records.

By using voice biometric identity verification to collect and store customer signatures, your agents will be able to finalize more customer transactions, as the waiting period will be eliminated. And customers will love the simple and secure process.

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