Provide a ‘Speak on the Dotted Line’ Capability

Phone or Android / iOS integration to enable the implementation of legally binding transaction authorization applications where your voice is used as an e-signature.

In today’s business environment customer signatures are time-consuming and expensive to obtain. Consumers are favoring companies that don’t require cumbersome paper forms to collect their authorization and in particular, organizations that offer “go green” paperless programs to conduct business.

Now, imagine being able to finalize a transaction while the customer is on the phone. Voice e-signatures  have enabled organizations to increase telephone sales closure rates by over 20% and reduce administrative costs associated with the typical paper trail that accompanies hand-written signatures by up to 80%.

Our fully prompted and self-contained voice e-signatures solution, VoiceSign,  takes less than 15 seconds, is based on a straightforward enrollment and verification process during which the user speaks two or three short phrases and can be easily integrated into telephony and smartphone workflows. Using a service hosted by one of our partners, the deployment of a VoiceSign voice biometric e-signature solution can be achieved quickly and simply.

VoiceVault voice e-signatures, offered in the United States only, are recognized as legally binding under:

  • The E-Sign Act
  • DOI
  • FDA 21CFR Part 11


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