Ensure a beneficiary is who they claim to be

Easily authenticate social program claimants with a voice biometric proof of life solution for security and convenience.

Prevent identity theft, fraudulent claimants and overpayments.

Social programs, such as pension and social grant disbursements, are particularly susceptible to benefits fraud as many of the recipients live in remote locations far from financial institutions. While payment companies have provided electronic solutions for easy money transfers, the current system, of PINs and passwords, is easily manipulated and biometric safeguards that have been put in to place, such as expensive fingerprint readers, are not readily accessible to the elderly and those with disabilities.

When a voice biometric proof of life is implemented, recipients and payees benefit alike. Recipients no longer have to worry about traveling to, and then waiting in lengthy lines, at distribution centers and, payees no longer have to worry that payments are being collected for deceased recipients. With a voice biometric proof of life, recipients simply call a designated telephone number from any phone (landline or mobile) and repeat a prompted phrase (or digits) to confirm their identity and authorize the electronic release of benefits to their account. Verint VoiceVault’s proven voice biometric engine ensures protection from fraudulent claimees by guarding against replay attacks and detecting the liveness of a caller.

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