Confirm Transaction Details Originated with the User

Utilize simple outbound or inbound calls or mobile apps to provide highly secure access to almost any application, website or device.

Out of band authentication is a ‘transaction verification’ process with its primary function to confirm that the transaction details originated with the user. It is typically used as part of an online transaction – the person making the transaction using an out of band process to authenticate it.

It is an interactive process that conforms to FFIEC guidance and is particularly suited to authenticating an online transaction, whether that is a session or a transaction within a session.

VoiceVault’s voice biometric out of band authentication solution is phone-based and uses either an out of band call to a user-registered phone number, or uses an Android / iOS smartphone-based app. In this instance, the phone line, or the app, is regarded as being one of the trusted parts of the strong multi-factor authentication process, and the voice biometric element adds yet another factor. This solution leverages the fact that phones and smartphones are ubiquitous and are never far away, and that the use of them is non-invasive, intuitive and has a low user experience impact.

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