Securing Mobile Transactions. Meet Verint ViGo®!

A standardized approach to mobile security through voice biometrics. Complete ecosystem to facilitate mobile app integration and deployment.

It’s 100% focused on mobile, cloud-based hosting, pre-configured for simplicity with flexible phrase-based identity verification.

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Why voice biometrics for mobile security?

Mobile users are increasingly frustrated at having no alternative to typing in passwords that are gaining in complexity in their requirements for hard-to-crack character combinations (upper case, lower case, special characters, minimum length…). Organizations are looking for ways to eliminate these passwords, ways that deliver increased convenience to their users without compromising security.

Voice biometrics are a natural fit for mobile security simply because speaking into a mobile device is completely natural and intuitive. They are a straightforward solution to the ‘convenient security’ requirement that organizations have for identity verification. It’s no surprise then that users like having a choice: if it’s convenient, they use their voice; if it would be awkward to speak, they can type in their password.

Why Verint ViGo for mobile security?

Verint ViGo is a packaged off-the shelf solution for mobile voice biometrics. It facilitates the integration of voice biometric identity verification into android or iOS apps that will save your organization time and money. The package includes everything you need to integrate, deploy and rollout a voice biometric-enabled app.

Whether you pick one of our standard phrases, or devise your own, our solution to mobile voice biometrics is geared to making the process as simple, seamless and fast-to market as possible.

Verint ViGo is based on ready-made configuration settings optimized for mobile apps that deliver secure, convenient and quick voice registration and identity verification right out of the box. All this, irrespective of what you use voice biometrics for: app login protection; transaction authorization, or as a convenient alternative to passwords.

Secure convenience. Convenient security.

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