Streamline Password and Credential Resets

Gone are the days of waiting on hold to speak with a help desk representative to verify your identity.

Automate system password resets by utilizing a simple code and only 5 seconds of speech, ensuring the elimination of the multitude of pain points associated with account lock outs.

As password complexity and expiration requirements continue to become more stringent, particularly for financial institutions and their online tools and mobile apps, end users are more frequently finding themselves locked out of accounts or required to reset their passwords. Account lock outs already place an immense burden on Call Center staff during normal business hours but, if these lock outs occur after hours, end users are now unable to complete potentially time sensitive transactions.

With VoiceVault’s voice biometric identity and access management solution, VoiceVault Identity Manager (ViM), organizations are able to automate system password resets and account unlocking for as low as $1 per user, per year while, providing enhanced security and a streamlined user experience. For maximum flexibility, the voice biometric identity and access management solution can be accessed through a simple Andorid or iOS mobile app or by calling a dedicated phone number. Connectors are available for Active Directory (ADS), Unix/Linux (SSH), LDAP, Office 365, Web Servers/Sites, SQL databases and more. Ensuring a secure design, encryption is used end-to-end and connectors can be installed behind an organization’s firewalls.

Benefiting organizations and end users alike, VoiceVault’s voice biometric identity and access management solution:

  • Is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year
  • Eliminates the need for frustrating knowledge based questions
  • Does not rely on user recall – users can’t forget their voice
  • Has adaptation built in, allowing for cross platform use (both IVR and mobile)
  • Is highly secure and offers full protection against record/playback attacks


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