On Device Solutions

Integrated in conjunction with select partners, VoiceVault offers customized embedded solutions.

Highly accurate voice algorithms running on a tiny IC that can be embedded in any device.

Imagine being able use a simple voice command to change the channel on your TV, or ensuring that your front door only opens when a member of your household tells it to. With embedded voice biometrics, you can talk with your devices so home entertainment systems (TV, video, music…) and home management (utilities, security systems, appliances, unified communications…) can easily be voice-enabled and activated.

When embedded voice biometrics are utilized for home automation, the possibilities are endless:

  • Use voice to “wake-up” any device
  • Voice trigger to raise an alarm
  • Identify a user by voice for entry or alarm disarm
  • Purchase items securely with a spoken PIN
  • Turn on lights with a simple voice command
  • Unlock the front door by saying “open”

And, not only do the advances in on device voice biometrics increase convenience, they also improve security and assist the elderly or disabled.

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