Self-Service in a Call Center IVR Environment

Reduce agent handling time by allowing customers access to their account using something they have (their voice) instead of something they have to remember.

Replace the traditional help-desk model with a simple and more cost-effective self-service option based on voice biometrics.

New and innovative approaches are required for call centers to combat the increasing sophistication of fraudsters, the rising amount of fraudulent activity and identity theft, ever-tighter industry regulations and the need to provide customers with excellent service.

Simple PIN or password-based verification is not secure, especially with the growth of social engineering techniques making passwords easily obtainable.

Verint VoiceVault’s voice biometric solution for Call Center’s and IVRs, Verint VoiceAuth, provides a multi-factor identity authentication solution that enhances the something you know (a PIN or password), with something you are (your unique voice). Needing only five seconds of speech to authenticate a customer’s unique identity, organizations benefit from a simple and secure second factor.

The voice biometric identity verification process is a key part of all our solutions. It is the basis for the use of voice biometrics in a wide range of strong multi-factor authentication solutions in telephony, smart device or web application environments.

Let Verint VoiceVault show you how using voice biometrics in a multi-factor authentication strategy provides strong and cost-effective security for call centers.

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