Mobile Security

Securing Mobile Transactions. Meet ViGo®!

A standardized approach to mobile security through voice biometrics. Complete ecosystem to facilitate mobile app integration and deployment.

It’s 100% focused on mobile, cloud-based hosting, pre-configured for simplicity with flexible phrase-based identity verification.

Voice e-Signatures

Provide a ‘Speak on the Dotted Line’ Capability

Phone or Android / iOS integration to enable the implementation of legally binding transaction authorization applications where your voice is used as an e-signature.

Identity and Access Management

Streamline Password and Credential Resets

Gone are the days of waiting on hold to speak with a help desk representative to verify your identity.

Automate system password resets by utilizing a simple code and only 5 seconds of speech, ensuring the elimination of the multitude of pain points associated with account lock outs.

Call Centers

Self-Service in a Call Center IVR Environment

Reduce agent handling time by allowing customers access to their account using something they have (their voice) instead of something they have to remember.

Replace the traditional help-desk model with a simple and more cost-effective self-service option based on voice biometrics.

Proof of Life

Ensure a beneficiary is who they claim to be

Easily authenticate social program claimants with a voice biometric proof of life solution for security and convenience.

Prevent identity theft, fraudulent claimants and overpayments.