Read these voice biometric case studies and white papers to gain a better understanding of the security and convenience that VoiceVault’s solutions offer. Detailed information about the ViGo platform, its features and its benefits and, our complete suite of voice biometric solutions.


Introduction to ViGo
The ViGo Unified Approach
Case Study: Voice Biometrics for the Mobile Education Industry
Mobile Voice Biometrics as a Unified Approach White Paper
ViGo Architecture and Principles
ViGo vs. VoiceVault Fusion Enterprise: Choosing and Upgrading

General Voice Biometrics
The Benefits of Voice Biometrics
Overview of VoiceVault’s Voice Biometric Solutions
Identity Verification with Voice Biometrics
Self-Service Voice Biometric Password Reset
Understanding Passphrase Mode
ViM – VoiceVault Identity Manager
Voice e-Signatures

Voice Biometrics for Financial Services
Financial Services Voice Biometric Solutions
Mobile Payments with Voice Biometrics
Security & Convenience in Mobile Banking

Voice Biometrics for Healthcare Services
Voice Biometric Solutions for Healthcare Services
Accessing Electronic Health Records
Case Study: Clinical Documentation with Voice Biometrics


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