Voice Biometrics. Simplified.

The ViGo pricing structure is very simple. Just select the maximum number of users you expect to register per year and that will give you the one-off annual cost. There are absolutely no hidden extras. Our turnkey solution includes access to our secure web services cloud-based authentication platform. No transaction charges. No hosting charges.

If you require your own phrases over and above the ones provided as part of ViGo, these are priced from just $1,500 per phrase and can be in any language.

User License Tiers
Number of Users * Annual User License1
5,000 $3
10,000 $2
Over 10,000 Contact Us
* In addition to the number of end-users covered by the agreement, you may request up to 5 demo / development licenses

Not ready for Production but require more than our 30-day Free Trial?

We understand that you may need more time than the 30 day Free Trial to evaluate ViGo, or require access to the additional features or performance provided by our production systems. That’s why we also offer a Developer License with the full ViGo functionality, and without the free trial access restrictions1.

Free Trial Developer License

Production License
Cost Free $250 Per User
Term 30 day (non-recurring) 1 month (recurring) 1 year (recurring)
# Registered Users (max.) 20 1,000 N/A
Launch in App Store or Distribute (Enterprise)
Access to ViGo Production Portal
Custom Configuration (Security Levels, etc.) *
Enhanced “1 to Few” Verification
High Availability System
No Maintenance Downtime
High-throughput Bandwidth
Guaranteed Data Retention
Request Purchase Purchase
* Additional charges may apply for setting up a custom configuration under a Developer License, or for additional configuration changes with a Production License

1 The User License is governed by VoiceVault’s FUP (Fair Use Policy), the FUP governs maximum usage across all users in a calendar month. The FUP is calculated based on 3 transactions (enrollments or verifications) per user per day multiplied by the number of contracted user licenses multiplied by the number of days in a given calendar month.  If usage for any given month exceeds the FUP VoiceVault reserves the right to throttle the service immediately for the excess usage or revoke the credentials for the following month. If additional user licenses are required during the annual term you may contact us to buy up to the next tier for a pro-rated fee for the remainder of the period.