Multilingual, language independent, mobile identity verification.

In addition to English,  ViGo language support is also provided for phrases in both Mexican Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

Current, out of the box, supported phrases are:

Mandarin: 音乐家们经常成群结队地演奏乐器。[Musicians often play instruments in a group]

Mandarin: VoiceVault通过我的声音识别我。[VoiceVault knows me by the sound of my voice]

Mexican Spanish: Con frecuencia los músicos tocan instrumentos en grupo  [Musicians often play instruments in a group]

Mexican Spanish: VoiceVault me reconoce por el sonido de mi voz  [VoiceVault knows me by the sound of my voice]

Full details on how to use these phrases can be found in the ViGo REST API Guide.

All of the above phrases are also supported in the ViGo demo available from the App Store / Google Play. To enable these phrases, use ‘MC’ or ‘SP’ as the ‘customer code’ in the app. Details for how to enter these codes can be found here (Mandarin) and here (Mexican Spanish).

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