Imagine the madness of a morning commute to work. You have a coffee in one hand and your cell phone in the other. You really want to stop to check the balance of your bank account, but you can’t stop for even one second.

As pointed out in a recent short video on the VoiceVault site, entering passwords on the go can be a real pain. This can be very difficult, and can often lead to getting locked out of your account. But when you use ViGo by VoiceVault, all you have to do is enter a short phrase and you will gain access to your account.

Here are a few examples of common phrases that you can select to speak over your mobile device:

  • VoiceVault knows me by the sound of my voice
  • Musicians often play instruments in a group
  • People carry umbrellas when it is raining
  • There are twenty four hours in a day
  • Ice and steam are different forms of water
  • The Olympic games are held every four years

Voice biometric identity verification is a secure, standardized and simplified way that you can protect your information without having to remember lengthy passwords that contain upper and lower-case numbers, numeric symbols and special characters. In fact, you don’t even have to remember a phrase. The software is built to register a user’s voice when it is spoken, which makes it hack-proof and easy to use.

Learn more about ViGo by VoiceVault and watch the video today:

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