The ViGo system provides voice biometric identity verification for mobile devices. It delivers this using a cloud based VoiceVault biometric engine, and standardized configurations optimized for use in mobile apps.

The guiding principles are simplicity and standardization. ViGo is Mobile voice biometrics as a service.

The ViGo system comprises the full ecosystem for implementing voice biometric identity verification in mobile apps.

ViGo consists of a server-side voice biometric system maintained and operated by VoiceVault, accessed through a secure Web Services interface. Client apps are developed against this cloud-based system using a range of ViGo components that includes the ViGo iOS and Android development platforms, iOS and Android sample application code, and the ViGo REST API.

You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with the full ViGo Architecture and Principles and to experience ViGo yourself using the iOS or Android demos apps.

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