In case you missed it last month, here’s our rundown of the top take-aways gleaned from a presentation by our EVP of Sales and Marketing Julia Webb at the 20th annual SpeechTEK Customer Interactions Event in New York City. VoiceVault was on hand at SpeechTEK—one of the premier conferences in the speech technology industry—to deliver information on mobile payments in the voice biometric identity verification industry.

Here’s a rundown of the top take-aways:

Customers are gaining confidence in voice biometrics: The VoiceVault team came to SpeechTEK ready to answer questions about the accuracy of voice biometrics and how the technology works. What we found, surprisingly, is that not one question was asked about these issues. In comparison to recent years, this shows that the general public is well-aware of the basics of voice biometrics, which is fantastic to see.

Instead, this year, questions were heavily focused on the following points:

Security: This remains a big hurdle that the voice biometric industry needs to overcome, and rightfully so, as fears of hacking and mobile device theft increase with every new threat that is discovered online. What’s important to remember is that voice biometric authentication is one of the most secure biometrics solutions available because it analyzes multiple parts of a human voiceprint, such as the dimensions of a person’s nasal tract and the individual’s tone of voice. The decision to grant access is based on a variety of metrics, and voice biometrics can be fortified with multifactor authentication as well.

Digits versus phrases: There is still some confusion about what are the most effective recitations for securely logging into a mobile device: digits or phrases. The answer is that it makes absolutely no difference. When using VoiceVault’s ViGo solution, for instance, what matters is not what you say but how you say it. For this reason, users don’t generate their own digits or phrases; rather they select them from a list.

Implementation: Many people are still struggling to understand how voice biometric identity verification can be implemented and shared with end users across the enterprise. It’s simple: ViGo is a cloud-based, out-of-box product that is scalable and secure. It doesn’t require any configuration or even any setup. ViGo can be easily integrated across any platform (Apple and Android included) by using the cloud.

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