Many business leaders today are still operating under the belief that cybersecurity is a simple fix — and that a single provider or solution can protect your business.

Until this way of thinking is corrected, cybersecurity will remain a top challenge for businesses.

The fact is that if you want to keep your business safe on the Internet today, it requires embracing a fundamental shift in how you approach the subject. Cybersecurity today is an around-the-clock job that requires using a variety of different technologies and strategies.

You can’t, in other words, rely on anti malware software anymore and expect it to work. But if you use it as part of a wider strategy that incorporates many different and layered protections, it can work.

Here is an example of what a robust cybersecurity strategy is comprised of today:

Physical access controls: All computing devices and equipment should be protected with strong identity verification controls, to protect unauthorized users from accessing core network services.

Regular patching: All hardware and software needs to be regularly monitored for security updates, to protect hackers from exploiting vulnerabilities.

Real-time network monitoring: Anomalies cannot go overlooked. They need to be detected and investigated in real-time in order to prevent them from spreading across the network.

Rapid-response troubleshooting: Cyberattacks can happen at any hour, not just when employees are in front of their desks. Businesses need cybersecurity experts in place to spring to action as soon as they are needed.

Employee education and awareness: A business is only as strong as its weakest cybersecurity link. Employees need to be aware of the threat landscape, so that they know what to avoid online.

Mobile security: Mobile devices are now considered to be one of the top threats facing enterprises today. As such, organizations need to use multifactor security to protect company and employee-owned devices. Strong password hygiene and biometrics should be used together for maximum protection.

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