Once you decide to invest in voice biometric identity verification for your contact center, you’ll have a decision to make: You can either choose to implement an active enrollment process, where the customer submits a voiceprint series of specific statements, or you can choose to install a passive system where the customer submits a voiceprint during a standard conversation.

In an active voice biometric solution, the customer will recite up to five specific phrases into the phone, which will establish his or her unique voiceprint. This type of enrollment is considered “active” because the user must knowingly submit a specific phrase that will be used for future authentication purposes. The user’s voiceprint is then compared to his or her enrollment samples every time he or she subsequently dials into the contact center.

Passive voice biometric identity verification, by comparison, also requires a user to enroll by submitting a unique voiceprint during initial registration. Unlike active voice biometric enrollment, however, passive enrollment does not require the customer to recite a specific phrase. It works by recording a user’s unique voiceprint during an initial conversation, which typically needs to last about 45 seconds. Then, the user’s voiceprint can be compared to that voiceprint the next time he or she dials into the contact center.

Which is the better solution? Active voice biometric identity verification uses far less data during enrollment, which means your business will not have to store as much information. This means that the active method is more scalable, as it requires less storage capacity, and computing and processing power than the passive method.

It’s also more accurate for authenticating individual users, but less adept at identifying and reporting fraudsters.

If your business is looking to intercept fraudulent callers, you are advised to roll out a passive solution and fortify the technology with additional security features like passwords and personal identification numbers.

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