Back in late 2014, TalkTalk Telecom Group was hit with a major website hack that exposed the names, account details, addresses and personal data of well over 100,000 customers to cyberthieves.

Following the attack, it was also revealed in the code-sharing forum Pastebin that hackers gained access to customers’ personal account passwords. According to Engadget, after users changed their passwords on TalkTalk the information was stored in plaintext on its website and “may not have been secured in any way.”

Fortunately, TalkTalk learned its lesson and now the company is taking preventative action to better protect its customers. And its new strategy is built around voice biometric identity verification.

TalkTalk’s customers no longer have to supply passwords or personal security information when confirming their identities and logging into personal accounts. Now, when a customer calls support services, he or she can establish a unique and secure voiceprint.

“We’ve listened to what our customers have told us about wanting a simple, secure service,” explained TalkTalk consumer managing director Tristia Harrison following the announcement. “TalkSafe is an important and exciting step on that journey.”

It’s great to see TalkTalk embracing voice biometrics, as it will provide greater security and also convenience for its customers. TalkTalk is following suit with countless other companies, like MasterCard, who are moving forward with voice biometrics in favor of outdated security technologies.

It’s important that your company follows suit and looks to safeguard its customer accounts before it gets hit with a costly data breach.

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