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Voice Biometric FAQs about ViGo, Fusion, voice biometrics in general…


  • What is ViGo?
    • ViGo is a packaged off-the-shelf solution to mobile voice biometrics. It facilitates integrating voice biometric identity verification into Android or iOS apps. The package includes everything you need to integrate, deploy and rollout a voice biometric-enabled app.
  • What’s in the box?
    • You get a developer framework (library), sample code and REST API for Android and iOS along with standardized settings for each of the digit and phrase modes we support. And of course you get a cloud-based voice biometric backend that we manage for you.
  • Is it for me?
    • It is if you need a simple, standardized and uncomplicated framework with which to build voice biometrics into a mobile app. You also need to be able to answer yes to the following questions:
      – Is your application mobile with a typical high-security / high-convenience use case?
      – Is a VoiceVault managed voice biometric service going to meet your needs?
  • What if my needs change?
    • If you need to move off the ViGo program for any reason (and there could be all sorts of reasons) then we can upgrade you to our Fusion Enterprise product with the minimum of fuss. They are both based on a common backend architecture.
  • What if I want to change the standard ViGo settings?
    • Then ViGo probably isn’t for you. The voice biometric settings within ViGo are not configurable in any way. This is is one of the key concepts of ViGo and it is how we keep it as simple and as low cost as possible.
  • Can I choose my own passphrases?
    • Yes, you can add phrases in any language. All the details are on the ViGo pricing page.
  • How much does it cost?
  • Who’s voice biometric engine do you use?
    • Ours. ViGo is built on the VoiceVault in-house developed Fusion Enterprise voice biometric platform.
  • How long do I get in the development sandbox area?
    • You get 45 days of free and unrestricted access to the ViGo library and APIs, and the cloud backend. During this evaluation period, there is no practical limit on the number of API calls you can make.
  • My free 45 day trial ended but I’m not ready for production, can I extend the trial?
    • No, however, if you aren’t ready to begin producing your app just yet, you can register for our Developer Test Environment which allows for 3 months of unrestricted and renewable access. Get all the details on the ViGo pricing page.
  • What are the benefits to registering for the Developer Test Environment, instead of the free trial?
    • The Developer Test Environment allows for 3 (renewable) months of unrestricted access, 5 times the amount of registered users, limited custom configuration and custom phrases, no maintenance downtime, high availability API, high-throughput bandwidth, and guaranteed data retention. All the details are on the ViGo pricing page.

ViGo Voice Registration and Authentication

      • Is voice registration via digits or phrases or something else?
        • You have a choice between either digits or phrases. With digits we use 4 (something like “zero six nine three”) and phrases are typically at least seven words long (e.g. “Ice and steam are different forms of water”).
      • What is the voice registration / verification user experience like?
        • ViGo configurations are standardized at four utterances for registration and a minimum of one for verification. For phrases it’s three and one. In this context, ‘minimum’ means that if we think it’s you, you’re in – and of we’re not sure, we’ll ask you for another one.
      • What phrases come with ViGo out-of-the-box?
        • You get the following:
          – VoiceVault knows me by the sound of my voice
          – At VoiceVault, my voice is my password
          – Ice and steam are different forms of water
          – There are 24 hours in a day
          – People carry umbrellas when it is raining
          – The Olympic Games are held every four years
          – Musicians often play instruments in a group
          – 音乐家们经常成群结队地演奏乐器。
          – VoiceVault 通过我的声音识别我。
          – Con frecuencia los músicos tocan instrumentos en grupo
          – VoiceVault me reconoce por el sonido de mi voz
      • Can my users make up their own phrases?
        • No, your app has to prompt them for what they have to say.
      • OK, so can my organization define its own phrases?
        • Yes, of course. You can add as many phrases as you like and in any language. All the details are on the ViGo pricing page.
      • Is ViGo single or multifactor authentication?
        • Being mobile-based. Vigo is multifactor. The device itself is a factor and the voice biometrics is a second. ViGo mandates that a third factor also be used so that if the voice biometric verification fails for any reason, your users can still carry on to achieve their goal within your app.
      • Why is a third factor mandatory?
        • Aside from being good practice to provide a fallback if the voice verification fails for whatever reason, it is a key part of the voice print enhancement mechanism within ViGo.
      • What accuracy am I going to get from ViGo?
        • ViGo is configured to deliver a 0.01% false accept rate at a false reject operating point of ~5%. This is for all supported modes and for any phrase of 7+ words.
      • Which mobile platforms are supported by ViGo?
        • ViGo currently supports iOS7 (or later) and Android (Honeycomb or later).
      • Can our users share their ViGo account to logon across multiple devices?
        • Yes, this is possible. As the ViGo systems deliberately does not store personal identifiable information, you would need to build functionality in to your app that would manage the synchronization of a user’s ID between devices. As long as this single user ID is used for all interactions with ViGo then everything would work correctly regardless of which device the user accesses, and specific ViGo features such as adaptation ensures that security and user experience will also be identical.

ViGo Voice Biometric FAQs

        • What audio formats does ViGo support?
          • If you use the ViGo sample code or library, you don’t need to worry about this. If you’re using the ViGo REST API then have a read of this post.
        • Why does ViGo show that I have used more of my user allowance than expected?
          • A ViGo user is created in your app every time you call the registerClaimaint method. If a user doesn’t complete the registration process and your workflow doesn’t correctly implement the abortDialogue and deleteClaimant methods, then this user ID could effectively become ‘tombstoned’. It is therefore important that you follow the instructions in the ViGo developer guide and clean up correctly when a user does not complete or aborts a registration.


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