Every week, your healthcare agency deploys hundreds of workers to visit patients in their homes. But how do you know if your employees are actually providing the services they claim to? Unfortunately, if you’re still traditional pen and ink or PIN-based reporting systems, there is no way to tell if people are being honest — meaning your organization could be enabling home healthcare fraud.

It’s a problem that extends throughout the entire home healthcare agency. According to a report from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, more than 500 home healthcare agencies and 4,500 physicians were found to be outliers on multiple factors commonly found in OIG-investigated cases of home healthcare fraud.

Further, the report shows that 27 geographic areas in 12 states were found to be hotspots for characteristics commonly found in OIG-investigated cases of home health fraud. And billions of dollars are being wasted on improper payments.

VoiceVault’s cutting edge voice biometric identity verification technology can make this problem go away for your organization. Using VoiceVault’s technology, it’s possible to verify the identity of an employee and even a patient at the start of a visit, and at the end — meaning the patient can “sign off” and confirm that a visit did in fact take place.

One company that was able to benefit from VoiceVault’s technology is Wellington, Florida’s Dial-N-Document, a clinical documentation provider. VoiceVault successfully helped Dial-N-Document upgrade its technology to prevent workers from committing phone-based fraud during visits.

Check out the case study for yourself, and see how Dial-N-Document was able to benefit from VoiceVault!  To access this document, click here.

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