If you’re wondering how voice biometric identity verification stacks up against other leading mobile security solutions, look no further than a new report from Research and Markets which shows that voice biometrics has been recognized as one of the top authentication services available.

In the report, voice biometrics was named, along with facial recognition software, as a top security modality. This was due in large part to the noninvasive characteristic of both the technologies.

Why is voice considered to be noninvasive? When using voice, end users are not asked to submit any sensitive information that can be stolen and used against them. Fingerprints, passwords and security questions, on the other hand, could all easily be compromised by thieves. Having to speak a security credential like a Social Security number in public to obtain access to account information, for example, is very risky; as well, entering this information via key pad is not conducive for a mobile user who is on the go. Using voice biometrics, end users can recite a simple phrase that would mean nothing to someone who could be eavesdropping.

For these reasons, voice biometrics is helping protect a number of targeted industries, such as healthcare, banking, border control and security, where sensitive information goes for a premium rate on the black market. As these markets continue to become increasingly mobilized, voice biometrics will play a key role in helping the organizations within them prevent fraud and abuse.

Here at VoiceVault we are pleased to see voice biometrics given the handle it deserves  as a top security modality. Click here to learn more about how VoiceVault can help your company with its authentication needs.


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