It’s time we had a little talk about your business’s mobile security plan.

Earlier this year, after a series of high profile data breaches exposed troves of sensitive information from Anthem, CVS and the IRS, you panicked and vowed to take advanced measures to thwart a cyberattack in your own company. Your plan was to start by implementing a robust mobile authentication policy.

Now it’s December and nothing has changed in regard to your strategy. Your end users are still utilizing archaic password systems to protect their mobile accounts.

Why is this a problem? It’s because data is a hot commodity due to its tremendous value. Research shows that stolen individual health credentials go for about $10 each on the black market. A PayPal or eBay account will fetch $27. And a fresh credit card can sell for as much as $45.

What should be becoming clearer to you, then, is that hackers are after your private information. If you give them enough time—and fail to take the proper security precautions—your organization will eventually be breached.

So, how do you begin to protect your data?

One easy way you can overhaul mobile security in your enterprise is by implementing first-class voice biometric identity verification. By using an application like ViGo from VoiceVault, you can obtain secure and affordable voice-activated protection with little to no hassle. ViGo can be easily added onto your mobile application’s login screen so that end users must speak a phrase or series of digits into their microphone to gain entry into their accounts. ViGo can also be supplemented with multifactor security for advanced protection beyond voice biometrics.

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