VoiceSign Voice Biometric e-Signatures

Speak on the Dotted Line

Legally binding equivalent of a hand-written signature.

Proven voice biometric technology – hundreds of thousands of voice e-signatures to date.

Significant reduction in use of paper: lower costs and environmentally friendly.

Integrates into any call flow to increase closure rates and shorten sales cycles.


Compliant Security

Legal equivalent of a hand-written signature

Legally binding in the US under: The E-Sign Act; HIPAA / CMS; DOI; and FDA 21CFR Part 11.

Legally binding in Europe as defined by EU Directive 1993/93/EC.

Securely and accurately provide voice biometric evidence.

Flexible Versatility

Replace traditional hand-written signatures

VoiceSign can be used within any phone or smart device based process.

No specialized hardware or on-site software required, the solution can quickly and easily be incorporated into an existing call flow or smart device application.

Utilize VoiceSign for insurance / mortgage enrollment applications; authorizations and approvals; phone-based sales or to simply electronically capture that a person conducted a transaction.