Verint VoiceAuth™: Identity Verification for Call Centers / IVRs

Fully featured Voice Biometric platform designed specifically for IVR and Call Center use.

Capable of scaling to support millions of users, and with flexible deployment models to meet your requirements, Verint VoiceAuth™ provides fast and accurate authentication within a call center or IVR environment.

Built on Verint VoiceVault’s proprietary algorithms, VoiceAuth offers industry-leading levels of performance and accuracy for enterprise level voice biometric authentication.

Why Verint VoiceAuth

Verint VoiceAuth Delivers Security, Cost Savings, and Improved Customer Experience

Protect PCI data withVerint VoiceAuth; audio is encrypted with a private key generated from each unique voiceprint; the database is fully “blinded” and no personal data is ever stored.

Use voice biometrics to reduce call handling time and lower help desk costs by automating password reset requests and one-time password generation.

With Verint VoiceAuth customers can authenticate within 5 seconds to quickly: perform balance inquiries; access account information; and top up prepaid cards.

Fraud Defense that Enhances Customer Experience

Take the Hassle Out of Authentication

Eliminate cumbersome authentication methods within an IVR, and empower agents with the confidence that the customer they are speaking to has been biometrically verified.

Proven in benchmark testing of 10 million calls to detect 99.98% of fraudulent attacks, Verint VoiceAuth offers better defense against fraud than PINs or static security questions. This includes the use of voice recordings of legitimate account holders (replay attacks), social engineering, brute force, credential sharing, phishing, vhishing and hacking.

Verint VoiceAuth’s core biometric engine, VoiceVault Fusion is currently utilized in over 40 countries and has secured billions in US dollars.

Savings that Add Up

Time and Monetary Reductions in Call Handling

By requiring only 5 seconds of speech to authenticate a caller, organizations (and customers) can benefit from significant savings.

Without the need for a lengthy, often agent involved, authentication process, more calls may be handled within your self-service channels.

In addition to being cumbersome within an IVR, PINs, passwords, and knowledge based questions can all lead to costly breaches. With Verint VoiceAuth, customers, and only those who are biometrically authenticated, can access, or reset their accounts, with something they have, their voice.

Scalable and Certified

Flexible Deployment Options for Limitless Users

Tuned specifically to meet your organization’s needs, Verint VoiceAuth is horizontally and vertically scalable at any tier to meet current and future capacity requirements.

Successfully passed Veracode VAST assessment and proven in Microsoft benchmarking to scale to 1 billion contact center calls per year.

Verint VoiceAuth for Developers

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