Always On

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

ViM is there for end users whenever they may find themselves struggling to access their accounts.

Without ViM, if account lock outs occur after hours, end users are unable to complete time sensitive transactions until the next business day, reducing productivity and jeopardizing customer loyalty.

After hours, holidays, weekends, it doesn’t matter; ViM is available and ready to eliminate the multitude of pain points associated with account lockouts.

Enhanced User Experience

Stop relying on user recall and knowledge based questions

Make it easy for customers and employees to manage their identities on the go and simplify resetting passwords.

Nothing to remember, and nothing to be fraudulently gained through social engineering.

Prompted phrase and digit-based. Language agnostic.

Voice registration and verification is quicker than typing in a password (even assuming you typed it in correctly).

Flexible Security

Unparalleled Security for Cross Platform Use

ViM can be accessed through a simple Android or iOS mobile app or by calling a dedicated phone number.

Connectors available for Active Directory (ADS), Unix / Linux (SSH), LDAP, Office 365, Web Servers / Sites, SQL databases and more.

All system access is password protected and encrypted, with full auditing for trace-ability and non-repudiation.