ViGo® securing Wearables

Wearable devices are gaining popularity as new apps are developed to take advantage of their unique convenience. But they also have security and privacy risks that have so far been largely unaddressed.

ViGo® is uniquely placed to provide secure and convenient biometric authentication for wearables, freeing you to develop apps with all the capability and security that VoiceVault delivers for mobile apps.

Simple and easy to incorporate in existing and new applications, ViGo® Wear ensures your security regardless of where you are and what device you wish to use!

Google Glass Ready

Google Glass is voice-controlled technology. When coupled with ViGo voice biometrics, the experience and capabilities are personalized just to you.

Using only short digit- or word-based phrases, you can ensure that it is only you, or the person you intended, is able to issue that command; access that resource; or login to that app.

ViGo enables you to quickly and easily build a visual or audio interface to voice registration or login. To get a feel for what the visual interface would be like, download our Android demo from the Play Store today.