Secured. Simplified. Standardized.

Verint ViGo is a standardized approach to mobile identity verification.

Fully pre-configured for 99.99% success at rejecting impostors, and 97% success for accepting genuine users the first time.

Turnkey Amazon Web Services cloud-based authentication platform included with Verint ViGo right out of the box. Built-in security, fail-over, redundancy and scalability.

Accelerated mobile app development using the Verint ViGo voice biometrics library.

Tiered pricing based only on number of users. Low entry point and no hidden extras.

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Verint ViGo – A Unified Approach to Mobile Identity Verification

Verint ViGo is an off-the-self solution to the common mobile identity verification challenges that you face and is 100% designed to meet those challenges in a simple and straightforward way. Verint VoiceVault has removed the barriers and simplified it for everyone!

Whatever the mobile device and whatever the application, users are doing the same thing; they are logging into an app or doing something like authorizing a transaction. And they’re doing it from anywhere and at anytime.

These common scenarios call for a unified solution. One that delivers very high levels of security for you, yet also delivers high levels of convenience for your end users. Security and simplicity all around.

Verint VoiceVault believes that unifying the hosting model, the development platform, the pricing, and providing self-service reporting and management etc. is the key to enabling organizations to rapidly and easily deploy a voice biometric solution for the purposes of mobile identity verification in a way that saves time, money, and resources.

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