Pre-built iOS and Android libraries available

No configuration and no setup! Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosted, PCI-DSS compliant, and fully configured so you can use ViGo right out-of-the-box.

Let ViGo deal with the security in your app so you can focus on its functionality. Accelerated mobile app development means you’ll have voice biometrics integrated into your app in minutes.

The ViGo library for Android and iOS insulates you from needing to learn voice biometrics. Experience the simplicity for yourself using the Android and iOS ViGo sample apps.

Support for English digits and phrases when you self-register, Mandarin and Spanish support on request.

Gain access to the VoiceVault API, sample code, support resources, and to the ViGo cloud-hosted development environment.


Not developing for mobile apps or don’t want AWS hosting? You need VoiceVault Fusion Enterprise.

Integrating voice biometric authentication into your app is easy since ViGo is pre-configured for mobile

Get started with just a few short steps, beginning when you self-register, and all facilitated by the ‘no configuration / no setup‘ nature of ViGo.

Whether you pick one of the standard ViGo phrases, or devise your own, our solution to mobile voice biometrics is geared to making the mobile app development process as simple, seamless and fast-to-market as possible. With ViGo based on ready-made configuration settings optimized for mobile apps that deliver secure, convenient and fast voice registration and identity verification right out of the box, let  ViGo deal with the security in your app so you can focus on its functionality.

All this, irrespective of what you use voice biometrics for: app login protection; transaction authorization or as a convenient alternative to passwords.

Experience Voice Biometrics with the ViGo Demo App