ViGo® is mobile identity verification.

Secured. Simplified. Standardized.

ViGo is a standardized approach to mobile identity verification.

Fully pre-configured for 99.99% success at rejecting impostors, and 97% success for accepting genuine users the first time.

Turnkey Amazon Web Services cloud-based authentication platform included with ViGo right out of the box. Built-in security, fail-over, redundancy and scalability.

Accelerated mobile app development using the ViGo voice biometrics library.

Tiered pricing based only on number of users. Low entry point and no hidden extras.

Why ViGo?

ViGo is 100% focused on mobile security.

Amazon Web Services hosting is included with ViGo right out of the box with nothing to integrate or maintain.

Configured out of the box for security and convenience.

Phrase or digit-based voice biometrics.

Developer-friendly with resources for rapid application development.

Support for English, Mandarin and Spanish phrases.

ViGo Structured Price List

Pre-configured for simplicity

Proven levels of security and convenience

ViGo is fully pre-configured for 99.99% success at rejecting impostors, and 97% success for accepting genuine users first time.

Save time and money with the full ViGo voice biometric platform.

Based on VoiceVault’s in-house Fusion voice biometric technology.

100% optimized for Android or iOS apps.

Flexible voice biometric configuration

Phrase and Digit-based. Language agnostic.

Nothing to remember – what you need to say is right there on the screen in the app.

Short word or digit-based phrases in any language means it’s very quick and easy.

Voice registration and verification are quicker than typing in a password (even assuming you typed it in correctly).

Now supporting Mandarin Chinese and Mexican Spanish.

ViGo® is designed for Developers

Pre-built iOS and Android libraries available

No configuration and no setup! Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosted, PCI-DSS compliant, and fully configured so you can use ViGo right out-of-the-box.

Let ViGo deal with the security in your app so you can focus on its functionality. Accelerated mobile app development means you’ll have voice biometrics integrated into your app in minutes.

The ViGo library for Android and iOS insulates you from needing to learn voice biometrics. Experience the simplicity for yourself using the Android and iOS ViGo sample apps.

Support for English digits and phrases when you self-register, Mandarin and Spanish support on request.

Gain access to the VoiceVault API, sample code, support resources, and to the ViGo cloud-hosted development environment.


Not developing for mobile apps or don’t want AWS hosting? You need VoiceVault Fusion Enterprise.