Verint Fusion™ Enterprise
Voice Biometrics

Fusion™ is our fully featured Voice Biometric platform designed specifically for Enterprise use.

Built on Verint VoiceVault’s proprietary algorithms that have been refined and developed over many years, Fusion™ offers industry-leading levels of performance and accuracy for enterprise voice biometric authentication.

Capable of scaling to support many millions of users, and with flexible deployment models to meet your requirements, Fusion™ can be used in many applications from call center solutions to web and mobile apps.

We even use Fusion™ to support our own Verint ViGo® mobile platform!

Limitless Users

No practical limit to the number of users or transactions that can be supported.

Fusion™ has been specifically designed from the ground up with performance and scalability in mind. The multi-tiered architecture can be scaled both horizontally and vertically at every layer, to support any number of users and transactions you may require. Limitless users, limitless possibilities.

Extensible so that it grows as your business grows, and bench-marked in partnership with Microsoft as capable of supporting over 1 billion transactions per year, we are confident that Fusion™ will continue to support you.

Tuned Specifically To Your Needs

Because no two Enterprises are alike!

Fusion™ opens up a world of possibilities for voice biometrics, one that is tailored to your specific requirements and not limited by your choice of platform.

With a wide range of digit and phrase-based voice verification modes in multiple languages, as well as the ability to choose the level of security and convenience that is relevant to you, there are no Fusion Enterprise restrictions as to what voice biometrics can be configured to do.

For complex use-cases there are no limits on the number of different configurations that can be implemented, supporting multi-layer security requirements across all your applications.

Application Independent

From Service Desks to Mobile Applications…

Fusion™ Enterprise is an application independent voice authentication solution that can be integrated with Call Center solutions, built into mobile apps, used to implement device Multi-Factor Authentication (2FA/MFA)… in fact, anywhere you need to verify users quickly and securely.

Unique functionality built into Fusion™ even supports users enrolling on one platform and verifying themselves on another, enabling secure, convenient authentication across all your applications. Even implement Out-Of-Band (OOB) solutions for higher levels of security and convenience.

Phrase-based verification provides language independence for geographically diverse deployments, and custom phrases can be implemented for branding or to provide the ultimate flexibility for your application.

Fusion™ for Developers

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