2014 has been replete with cybercrime, as several big name brands—including the Home Depot, Target, Goodwill, U.P.S. and P.F. Chang’s, among others—have all fallen victim to massive data breaches. And the year is not yet over, leaving digital security experts questioning how many more public data breaches will arise before year’s end.

This makes October, which is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, an important time for business leaders to reflect on the recent volume of public data breaches and strive to reduce more from occurring. It’s also budget season, so a good time to consider corporate funding of security strategies for 2015. The volume and severity of mobile threats are on the rise, and businesses that don’t act now to take appropriate cybersecurity measures stand a good chance of getting hit with a data breach in the future.

So, this begs the question: What is your business doing to ensure its mobile endpoints are secure? Voice biometric identity verification could be the solution you need to protect your digital assets and mitigate the likelihood of a data breach occurring through an employee’s smartphone or tablet.

Voice biometrics works by requiring users to submit a unique voiceprint to gain access to an operating system or application. This technology works in conjunction with other multifactor security elements like passwords, PINS and security questions. With a robust voice biometric identity verification solution, unauthorized third-party access into a device is very difficult.

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