VoiceVault’s mobile voice biometric identity verification software is great for the following types of companies:

  • Those with less than 10,000 users.
  • Those looking for a plug-and-play, pre-configured, cloud-based security solution.

Your business, however, has more than 10,000 end users and more-comprehensive needs—way more. Further, it’s looking for identity protection in other areas of the enterprise beyond basic mobile. So, can you still benefit from a VoiceVault implementation?

You sure can. Here’s how:

The VoiceVault package that would benefit your organization most is called Fusion Enterprise. What is Fusion Enterprise? Essentially, it’s the same platform on which our ViGo mobile solution is built; it uses the same API and server-side architecture.

The main difference is that Fusion Enterprise is a more dynamic product as it comes with greater flexibility and a limitless number of end users. For instance, Fusion Enterprise can be used in customer-facing settings like contact centers and website access applications, in addition to mobile applications. You can, therefore, use Fusion Enterprise to combat consumer fraud when callers dial in and request information from your agents.

Further, using Fusion Enterprise, you can choose how—and where—you want to deploy your software. If you want to use your existing legacy network, you can. You can also choose to utilize the cloud (and gain access to VoiceVault’s free accompanying cloud-based developer environment), or outsource to a managed services provider for a more hands-off approach.

The best part about Fusion Enterprise? VoiceVault allows your developers to configure the software as they please, free from usage restrictions.

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