Last week, a new player emerged in the voice biometrics market when former NASA administrator Dan Goldin officially unveiled his top secret startup, KnuEdge—a project which has been in development for the past 10 years.

KnuEdge is bringing to market a tool that uses artificial intelligence to enable voice biometric identity verification for computers, Web/mobile applications and IoT devices. The company is also working on neural networking, to enable next-generation computing.

The arrival of KnuEdge is welcome news for the voice biometrics community, as the company is already generating a great deal of positive press about voice biometrics. It also serves as a reminder that the global voice biometrics market—which is growing at a CAGR of 22.15 percent (2014 to 2019)—is currently thriving and intensely competitive.

VoiceVault has operated in this extremely competitive market for over ten years delivering enterprise ready solutions that include many of the same features that companies like KnuEdge are marketing as unique. These features include:

Prompt obfuscation: One of the top concerns when using voice biometrics is the potential for fraudsters to use audio replays and man-in-the-middle attacks to spoof the system and gain unauthorized access. Prompt obfuscation helps to eliminate this threat. It involves generating one-time security tokens so that customers aren’t aware of what they will have to say. VoiceVault provides this service through its partner, SayPay, which generates one-time use tokens for VoiceVault’s algorithms.

Cross-platform authentication: Customers are now communicating over a variety of different platforms ranging from Bluetooth systems to wearables. As a result, comprehensive cross-platform authentication is a must-have feature. VoiceVault uses robust algorithms to successfully authenticate customers from just about any platform they choose.

Military-grade authentication: Many companies like KnuEdge are just now rolling out military-grade voice systems to enterprises. VoiceVault has been providing military-grade authentication to high-risk industries like finance, healthcare and insurance for many years.

So before you rush into a voice biometrics solution for your business based on marketing claims, do some research and compare the available solutions. To get started, head over to VoiceVault’s support center.

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