The need for voice biometrics has reached a critical stage, as high-profile security attacks are intensifying in volume and severity. Business leaders everywhere are now looking for strong authentication solutions to reduce fraud and restore consumer confidence in the ability of private organizations to safeguard sensitive information. This theme took center stage at the recent VBC SF 2014 (Voice Biometrics Conference 2014) at San Francisco’s Fairmont Hotel, an information-filled two-day event that addressed the latest happenings in the voice biometrics industry. Here are some of the key take-aways:

The future looks bright for voice biometrics: Senior Analyst and Founder of Opus Research Dan Miller kicked things off by taking attendees “beyond the basics” of voice biometrics, diving into the tremendous security impact that voice biometrics are now creating. …. Miller outlined the exciting potential for the industry, highlighting how eight out of 10 consumers now view voice biometrics positively. Miller also spoke about how the industry will reach $750 million by 2015 due to licenses, professional services and transactions.

According to Miller, phone-based threats are growing in severity but voice biometrics is more than capable of stopping them. Technology has reached the tipping point for strong identification, authentication and authorization solutions.

Key take-away: Have a BYOD identity problem in your enterprise? Then voice biometrics is one of the best ways to ensure mobile identity verification for employees.

Banks are using voice biometrics: Right now Mexico’s Banco Santander is using voice recognition software to authenticate more than 3 million monthly calls in its two contact centers. Voice biometrics helps the bank verify sales, collections and general customer service. As Banco Santander’s conference presentation demonstrated, banks are looking for voice solutions that are affordable, customer-friendly, efficient and secure.

Key take-away: Banco Santander customers are ecstatic because they do not have to remember PINs. Voice biometrics makes it easy to verify a customer’s identity.

Biometrics are still evolving: VoiceVault Executive Vice President of U.S. Sales and Marketing Julia Webb took part in a key executive panel titled “Where We’re At and Where We’re Going.” The panel highlighted how biometrics has evolved from a basic technology into one of the brightest and most promising solutions for securing home electronics, contact centers, mobile commerce and automotive marketplaces—and it’s still evolving.

Key take-away: New uses are being thought of for biometrics every day. As biometrics become more popular, they will continue to revolutionize the way that consumers interact with mobile devices.

For a complete rundown of VBC SF 2014, click here.


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