We’ve been working hard on the VoiceVault website lately, and are excited to announce that our redesign is now complete. Our goal was to better showcase our existing products as well as a few new offerings we’ve been keeping under wraps. Bigger and better, it’s packed with valuable information and resources for developers and business leaders.

Some of the sections to look for on our newly designed site include:

  • ViGo Wear for Wearables. Our voice biometric authentication solution can now be used to provide high-level security for wearable devices. On this page you’ll find out more about its unique capabilities; you can also request a demo.
  • Identity and Access Management—ViM. VoiceVault’s Identity Manager is our powerful password reset automation tool. It simplifies the process for customers and employees, removing a major pain point. Read more about it here and request a demo.
  • Sample code. In our support section you can still browse sample code (PHP and Ruby) for our ViGo and Fusion Enterprise products. Experimenting with the samples will give you a better understanding of how our offerings fit with yours, so you can jumpstart your project quickly and easily.
  • VoiceSign. The legally binding equivalent of a hand-written signature, VoiceSign securely and accurately provides voice biometric evidence to green-light a transaction. Watch our short video to find out how this solution can work for you.
  • Mobile ID verification. Our identity verification solution for the mobile market, ViGo, was designed for app developers and is 100 percent focused on mobile security. Watch our video and register for a free ViGo trial here.

We hope you’ll spend time exploring the new VoiceVault website to find out more about our complete product line, solution suite, and support features. Check our blog for any future updates, or, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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