VoiceVault is fresh off of one of the most exciting events of the year, Money 20/20—the annual conference which brings together major players from all parts of the financial industry, as well as other high-profile industries like healthcare and insurance.

The event was a great success, as VoiceVault was able to connect with many businesses and professionals, and at the same time catch up on the latest news in finance.

As it turns out, VoiceVault generated some news of its own during the event, too.

On Tuesday, October 27, VoiceVault introduced the newest addition to its voice biometric identity verification portfolio: the VoiceVault Identity Manager (vIM). It’s a voice biometric identity management solution designed to streamline password and credential resets for corporate accounts.

By offering the vIM mobile application to customers, enterprises can drastically eliminate the multitude of pain points which arise when customers get locked out of their mobile accounts. When this happens, customers must often wait for long periods of time on hold, thus jamming service desk phone lines and also increasing operating costs. Using the automated identity management solution, password resets and account unlocks can now cost as little as $1 per user, per year.

What’s more, vIM is available for around-the-clock assistance, meaning that customers can use it when experiencing problems with their credentials late at night or on weekends. The solution is also Android and iOS-friendly, and connectors are available for Unix/Linux (SSH), Active Directory, LDAP, Web Servers/ Sites, Office 365 and SQL databases.

As VoiceVault Vice President of Sales and Marketing Julia Webb explained following the big release, this exciting new solution will ease overloaded help desks, while at the same time improving security for customers.

“Organizations are eager to utilize their help desk team for more pressing support issues and deliver secure convenience for their customers,” she said, adding that “customers alike are ready to simplify their online identity. VoiceVault’s voice biometric identity management mobile app, VoiceVault Identity Manager, is responding to this need.”

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