If you’re considering VoiceVault’s mobile voice authentication solution, ViGo, for your enterprise then you should first go to either Google Play or Apple’s App Store and download the free demo. We’re confident that once you see how easy it is to use, and how effective it is for end-user authentication purposes, you’ll be ready to move forward with a voice biometric security solution in your enterprise.

Here are some things to keep in mind while using the demo so that you get the most accurate experience possible:

  1. Don’t share your swipe pattern: ViGo is fortified with strong multifactor authentication. In addition to its voice biometric component, it also includes a second factor, in the form of a swipe screen that prompts users to enter a unique pattern, for times when the voiceprint is not a match but, is similar enough for the system to allow the end user to authenticate via another factor. While we encourage you to try and spoof the system by asking a colleague with a similar voice to try and imitate you, it’s pointless to provide them with your unique swipe pattern as a real imposter would not have this information. If you provide your unique swipe pattern, and the person has a similar voice, ViGo may falsely accept him or her and adapt the voiceprint on file.
  2. Use your normal voice: You may be tempted to use a different voice—like one that is deeper or higher in pitch—to make your voice harder to spoof. This is unnecessary and will only make it harder for you to log in as you will have to imitate your sample every time. Your normal speaking voice will work just fine.
  3. Register in private: Your co-workers may start asking questions if they hear you saying a phrase like, “People carry umbrellas when it is raining” (which is a sample phrase) several times in a row. This can interrupt the registration process. So take a walk outside, where there are no people around, to get a strong reading. While not imperative, registering in a quiet place helps to obtain the most accurate voice sample.
  4. Take the ViGo Challenge: Have fun with the demo! After successfully registering and logging in, did you notice the bottom button on the success screen? Click “Take the ViGo Challenge” and see if you can enter 3 characters from a randomly generated password faster than the time it would take you to login with your voice.

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