Voice biometrics for identity verification is one of the hottest mobile authentication solutions available on the market right now. From the recent WeChat mobile app update supporting voice-based security to the latest version of Google’s Android Lollipop operating system, voice biometrics is receiving major mainstream attention recently for its ability to offer fast and efficient mobile security.

Are you behind on the basics of voice biometrics? Here are five questions to get you up to speed:

  1. What is voice biometric identity verification? It is a secure mobile authentication solution that protects smartphones and tablets using an end user’s unique voiceprint. An end user simply speaks a short phrase into the microphone, or engages with a live agent over the phone, and the voice biometrics engine is able to confirm the user’s identity based on a combination of physiological and behavioral factors.
  2. Why is voice so secure? Voice biometrics is secure because it’s impossible to steal a voiceprint. Unlike a fingerprint or a password, there is nothing to take. Further, a voiceprint does not get stored in a database; if accessed by a hacker, the data would appear as a meaningless string of numbers.
  3. Is it easy to use? It is incredibly easy to use because the solution does not require any typing or memorization. The entire process only takes a few seconds to work.
  4. What is the integration process like? Voice biometrics can be built directly into the framework of a mobile application. In effect, it does not require any major capital investments. Your organization won’t have to buy any special devices or equipment to use the technology.
  5. What is wrong with using passwords? In short, there’s nothing wrong with using passwords as long as you fortify them with additional security measures like voice biometrics. While many people enjoy using passwords for authentication purposes, they are an outdated security measure and are easily susceptible to hacking.

Have more questions? Then be sure to check out VoiceVault’s comprehensive FAQ section.


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