The recent false missile alert at the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (HEMA) brought to light a serious security vulnerability that all businesses should take note of. And it has nothing to do with rockets.

Business Insider analyzed several press photos from HEMA headquarters, and discovered on one a sticky note, taped to a computer screen, with “password” written on it. This was followed by a series of characters.

As of right now, it isn’t clear whether there is a connection between the visible password and the false alarm that made national headlines for the panic that it caused. The incident, however, is a reminder about how careless employees can be with passwords — and the risks that this can pose for an organization.

This is a great example of “password leak” which occurs when a company loses control over its login credentials. Every time an employee writes down a password, or stores it in an insecure location, it puts the company’s sensitive information at risk. As this shows, passwords can be easily lost, shared or stolen.

So, what can be done to prevent password sprawl?

First and foremost, remind your employees to be smart about using passwords. Tell them not to hide passwords in plain sight, and to consider memorizing them prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. You can also supplement your company’s passwords with advance biometric-based solutions.

VoiceVault can be used in conjunction with additional third party biometrics solutions to enhance your mobile security strategy and prevent unauthorized users from stealing your company’s information.

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