Why do consumers love wearable technology?

The answer is simple: Wearables provide easy access to important communications, health and entertainment applications. They empower users to leave their cumbersome mobile devices at home, and engage freely in physical or work-related activities without losing connectivity.

So when you’re developing wearable products or applications, it’s important not to lose sight of the convenience factor. Any component you add to a device should work to make it easier and more convenient to operate. Consumers have little patience for wearable technology that is difficult to access.

This is especially true when it comes to the login process. Login should take a user just a few seconds, and shouldn’t force the user to stop what they are doing.

Imagine, for instance, someone jogging on a treadmill who wants to check email on a smart watch. A password, fingerprint sensor or iris scan would require the user to stop running and devote their full attention to logging in. This defeats the purpose of using a smart watch in the first place!

With voice biometric identity verification, however, the process is quite easy. A user simply has to speak into the microphone, and the voice biometric engine will grant access. No usernames or passwords are required — making voice authentication one of the most convenient and secure authentication solutions on the market.

VoiceVault’s ViGo Wear is a product that is specifically designed for use in wearable devices and applications. Developers can easily embed ViGo Wear into just about any device, including Google Glass.

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